Taking the steps at speed is a good way to put a little extra effort in my day.

It’s spring, and thoughts turn to long walks on the beach, strolls in the park, and losing the winter flab. Sadly, with my routine, and lack of beaches, I can’t do a whole lot toward the slimming part of my goals. But with the return of warmer weather, I don’t have to be stuck indoors all the time, and for health’s sake, I’m carving out some time to get the exercise quotient up a bit.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m lazy. I love to exercise, but I can’t just get up the self-discipline to do boring repetitive stuff, like sit-ups and what-not. If I take a walk, I like to do so with a destination, although just a route where I can look at things, like flowers, and birds and the seasons changing, will do. I miss the woodlot at the farm, which was my ramble until I moved.

In order to give me some motivation, I’m using the dog as a convenient lever, getting me out to walk her. She has a run in the yard, so it’s not daily, but it gives me a bit of guilt to motivate me, knowing how happy she is to get away from the house.

Other things? Well, as I lace my shoes in the morning I do a bit of stretching. I take any steps in my daily routine, like the long set going up from the low part of campus to the small parking lot I favor. Now that it’s warmer I’ll park further from the buildings and that will get a bit more in.

As a couple, we try to go on longer walks or hikes about once a week. There is a long bike path paralleling the river quite near us, and we can ramble with the dog off her leash if we time it properly so there isn’t other traffic. She’s too friendly, and we’re afraid it will startle people. I really enjoy these walks for many reasons, but we just don’t have time to do it more often.

I’ll start doing some simple exercises in a snatched few minutes now that the floor isn’t so cold to be lying on. I find that when I’m stuck on a prickly homework problem, taking a few minutes to work the body will joggle the mind into action again.

I will be working in the garden and around the yard, putting in a postage-stamp garden and pruning back the hedgerows. It’s not aerobic, but it will be movement, and at times, good hard physical labor. Not to mention that I find gardening mentally relaxing, something else I need often enough.

But for now, more homework beckons, and fingers on keyboard isn’t sufficient exercise…