Carry On

This is a short post, and then I’ll suggest that you check out the folks in my blogroll (links at the side) if you haven’t already done so.

Today is busy-busy-busy, and tomorrow we are traveling again. Don’t expect regular blogging to resume until Monday, although I will try. Life has wandered from weird to truly bizarre and I don’t expect it to return to a nice boring rut of ‘normal’ any time soon.

Life as a writer. When you know you couldn’t put what’s happening in a story because no-one would believe it. Fiction has to make sense. Life? Has no such constraints.

Night fell, sleep was achieved, and the hourglass was flipped. I’m back to finding my way through the vast potentials.

We did manage to squeeze in some family time…

The Little Man and I both painted dragons – mine is Beaker, his doesn’t have a name yet.
The Little Man gets painty…
Art Escape in Laconia NH is a great place to get together with friends and make lasting memories!