Carrying On

The children and I are off on an airplane today. Given the length of our journey, I can’t say that we’re leaving on a jetplane, because it’s most likely one of the prop jobs. I sleep better on the noisy things, so that’s a good part. The less good part is that, well, I’m traveling with kids. Not young ones, but nonetheless… I hope I have enough battery packs in and charged to keep everyone’s devices going and them all amused well enough. The First Reader is staying home to take care of the dog, and mostly because his work can’t spare him right now. I have no back-up!

I still feel like I have forgotten something – although likely by the time you are reading this it will be too late. In which case, I shall likely remember what it is I have forgotten, because that is how it works, isn’t it?

I want to report that my hack for getting photos from the camera to my tablet did indeed work. My Canon Rebel takes an SD card, and the tablet takes a micro-SD card, so I picked up a 32 Gb micro-card with adapter. I tested it yesterday, and with Lightroom on my tablet as an app, I can quite quickly and easily import the photos, even from RAW files. This means I can pack a bit lighter, rather than carrying the laptop. I have my tablet, bluetooth keyboard, and the big camera (with three lenses, because how do you choose?) along. I’m all set for photography and writing. not that I’ll do much of the latter.

I’ve learned that although travel time seems like it would be an ideal opportunity for idle hours of putting words on, er, the screen, in reality I can never quite manage much. Too much hustle, bustle, and anxiety over being in the right place at the right time. This trip, I’ll add anxious kids to that – this is the Little Man’s first time on a plane. On the trip ‘to’ we have a short layover, on the trip ‘back’ we have a layover of such brevity I’m worried about making the connection.

But now I am rambling, and I really must give up on the idea that by free-associating here, I’ll remember what was forgotten. Time for sleep, and in the morning perhaps it will present itself.

Most of the contents of my carry-on, laid out for inspection.

Three of us will be taking bluetooth headphones, so among the charge cords I’ve made certain that we have aux cables, just in case.

We also have snacks, notebooks and art supplies, paper books (at least 1 each), medications, ‘lady supplies’, tissues, a tiny first aid kit, mints/hard candies, and more snacks. The rest of it goes in the big suitcase in the belly of the plane.

What, you think I’m afraid of being bored? No, no… trust me on this, you don’t want me to get bored.

5 thoughts on “Carrying On

  1. The part of my brain that is in charge of earworms almost instantly came up with, “Leaving on a prop plane…”

    If only there was an adapter to change youthful energy directly into electricity.

  2. Don’t worry, there is ALWAYS something forgotten… EVERY trip I think I’ve ever been on, something got left behind. Sometimes important, sometimes not… Probably my two biggest were always belts and socks… sigh

  3. If you’re staying in the States, forgetting something is an inconvenience, not the end of the world – the stores at home are replicated everywhere you go, and have plenty of stuff.

    On my trips home to Mexico, I have to be a bit more careful – shopping is a real pain when you’re visiting lots and lots of family, and the brands are not the same. Still doable, but expensive on occasion. I still remember having to go out to purchase long pants for the husband in Acapulco, and hemming them with my tiny sewing kit, because the included fancy dinner required men to dress appropriately, and that, in those days, didn’t mean shorts! We could have skipped the dinner, but I was determined. No more of the hotel’s buffets.

    Have a great trip.

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