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  • Odd Prompts: Autumn’s Guardian

    Odd Prompts: Autumn’s Guardian

    I’ve been struggling to find time for creativity these last few months. My mind seems to be filled with other stuff that pushes the urge to imagine right out of the way.  I thought I’d explore styles with this last week’s prompt. My prompt came from Becky Jones with “The Guardian was napping in the…

  • Clothed in Mystery

    Clothed in Mystery

    Alma Boykin’s post over at the Mad Genius Club today got me thinking. So I wandered into my Midjourney art studio (heh, the discord server I use for this sort of thing) and poked the ai a little to see what I got. What I got was fun, because instead of using the costumes to…

  • Odd Prompts: Stylized Work

    Odd Prompts: Stylized Work

    The prompt was ” There were rows and rows of monks standing, watching… It didn’t fit in any way into the WIP, so rather than starting something new, while I’m under a deadline, I decided I’d feed the prompt into Midjourney, and see how many ways I could stylize the results by tweaking the prompts.…

  • An Art Diversion

    An Art Diversion

    This series of absurdities was inspired by, but not a direct response to, the weekly prompt post over at More Odds Than Ends.  The idea I had in mind was to portray an eldritch being at his leisure. We all need hobbies, for rest and relaxation.  I opted not to insert styles with any of…

  • Postcard Challenge

    Postcard Challenge

    One weekend.  Fifty words.  You can write it. I believe in you.  Email for an image! and follow the rules… 

  • Doodles


    I’ve worn myself to a nub again. One thing about that is that I can recover, given some time to rest. Which I got this last weekend.  So while I’m feeling better, now it’s time to try and catch up on the things that didn’t get done. Which starts the cycle over again.  So, have…

  • The Squeaks Caper

    The Squeaks Caper

    A few years ago, at the height of the nonsense, a friend was sad. Heck, the world was sad. Lawdog, like me, has a bit of the clown in him, so he was doing his part to entertain and amuse the world at large.  I was doing art every day, and he’d been posting funny…

  • Process of Elimination

    Process of Elimination

    I was messing around with art, and thought it would be fun to unpack my thought process as I worked towards what I wanted.  My first prompt to MidJourney was “graceful dryad in green chiffon, fashion photography, green vines –ar 2:3”  I wanted to see what I got for dryad, first, and I really like…

  • Odd Prompts: MidJourney Styles

    Odd Prompts: MidJourney Styles

    So, I’ve been slugging my way through a short story that is emotionally fraught. No place to fit in the prompt. What you’ve got instead is an exploration of styles available through the art AI tool, MidJourney. I use this heavily in my graphic design of various projects, and when something new comes out, I…

  • Cover Reveal: But Not Broken

    Cover Reveal: But Not Broken

    Work on the next PTSD anthology is continuing, and we are on track for a publication date of Valentine’s Day. I’d been hoping it would be possible, and now that we’re into February, I can say it for sure!  This means, of course, that we finally have a cover! I chose to design it with…

  • Rocketship


    I’ve got a headache, so I’m sharing a few rockets with you. What’s your favorite? All images rendered using MidJourney. Prompt was rocketship landing on busy spaceport, alien planet, ringed planet visible in sky, twin moons –chaos 100 –ar 2:3 –v 4

  • Planning ahead

    Planning ahead

    I have a little art project in mind for the first 100 days of 2023. I’d run across the idea through an artist friend, so it’s hardly original. But it looks like a lot of fun, and after nearly all of 2022 was focused on black and white line art, and digital, to boot, I’m…