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  Anyone who has read my blog or who knows me, knows of my deep and abiding affection for Baen’s Bar, which led me to Baen Books. This week, a ham-handed and libelous attack was made on the forum. I’m including Toni Weisskopf’s response below.  To Whom It May Concern: What is it we do… Read More Baen Books

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I will be at Life, The Universe, and Everything! in two weeks. It’s held in Provo, Utah, and I am not going as a panelist, just an attendee. But if you will be there, let me know and we’ll try to catch up! I plan on being in a lot of panels taking notes, and… Read More LTUE


Grocery Bags

I had a conversation with the First Reader as I was cutting his hair. Getting him all spiffy and beautiful for the convention… anyway, we were talking about language drift, and how fast it can be at times. He’d read an old blog post of mine, about making jams, after my Sunday post on Jammin’… Read More Grocery Bags

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So I figured out what was making it so hard for me to write yesterday: I’m sick. I wound up spending more time sleeping and reading than I had planned. On the upside, I was reading. Technically, I’m on vacation. That is to say, I’m between the spring semester and the summer class I’m taking,… Read More Micro-Reviews