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The writing brain is back online, with a vengeance. Forty minutes, 1300+ words, and I have no freaking idea what this is, only that I had to write it. Also, if you’re curious, it’s in the same universe as Eternity Symbiote. Which I thought was dead, and gone, and had planned to pull that work… Read More GreyDawn

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Mitey Bees

Honeybees, the most-loved insect, and a vital part of the pollination system that ensures we have fruit, nuts, and veggies in the stores to buy and eat, have a nemesis. In recent years you’ve likely seen concerns over Colony Collapse Disorder (also known as CCD) but what you probably haven’t heard about are the Destructors.… Read More Mitey Bees

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The Bloody Death

Ebola is a frightening disease for many reasons. High fatality rate, high infectious rate, rapid travel through a community, strikes at those who are needed most in a health emergency… but perhaps the worst is the way you die, your organs a bloody soup. I’ve read a lot about Ebola, and it’s cousin the Marburg… Read More The Bloody Death