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First up, the latest in the Postcards series. Postcards from Foolz was prompted during Foolzcon this April.  I do most of the illustrations for these, and it is so fun to do the layout and see what stories came from the images I sent out as prompts. Plus, I had a lot of fun with… Read More Books, Books!


The Library Guardian

Asking the hard questions in life: how do you organize your library? I’m pretty confident I want my non-fiction research type books in the office with me. Art books can be in the bedroom where the art desk currently is (until the Little Man moves out and I co-opt his room as a studio, which… Read More The Library Guardian


With a Twist

I’m in this anthology! I had an absolute blast writing the story for it. Jim Curtis gave a lot of leeway to the authors – just take a trope that may be old and tired, then give it a hard twist.  I opted to speculate about what could happen if the Chosen One of Prophecy… Read More With a Twist


Postcards and Books

There’s another open call for the Postcard stories, as two of the Moms of the Apocalypse are at FantaSci this weekend. Remember: only 50 words, no more and no less. And include your name!  You can reach out to me at cedarlila at gmail dot com for your prompt image!  And in the department of… Read More Postcards and Books

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The Squeaks Caper

A few years ago, at the height of the nonsense, a friend was sad. Heck, the world was sad. Lawdog, like me, has a bit of the clown in him, so he was doing his part to entertain and amuse the world at large.  I was doing art every day, and he’d been posting funny… Read More The Squeaks Caper


The Squeaks Caper

Coming soon. Very soon, as in it should be live on Friday.  This is the fourth in the illustrated books I’ve been working on with Lawdog, the third in the Africa tales, which are now linked in a series called Lawdog in Color. They are sort-of coloring books, but mostly just fun illustrations, verging on… Read More The Squeaks Caper

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Book Review: Red Wolf

What the heck. I stopped doing book reviews a long time ago, and for good reasons. But this author needs more attention on her stuff because it’s good. Really, really good, and I want her to write more. So for purely selfish reasons…  Red Wolf is, so far, two novellas that are either science fiction… Read More Book Review: Red Wolf


All the Things

February is one of my worst months, usually. I can’t say this year was completely different, but it was different. Worst in losing the dear doggo who has just always been there, breathing on my leg while I was trying to write, tripping me in the shadows of a night, following me with all the… Read More All the Things

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Chat and Support!

So here’s a way you can chat with me – the BroadCast is going to be running at 6 pm Central (every Wednesday!) and I’ll be in the live chat during the episode. But if you can’t find it in time, then it’s available to watch, or listen, on any podcast service you prefer now. … Read More Chat and Support!