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The Cozy Book List

It’s been a while since I made a book list. There are reasons, one being that this isn’t a fast process. The other is that due to the algorithms of ‘social’ media, I can no longer toss out the question of ‘what do you like to read?’ and get more than a hundred enthusiastic responses.… Read More The Cozy Book List


Cozy Reads

It’s that season here in my neck of the woods. Leaves are falling and so are the temperatures. I’m inclined to dig out the fuzzy throw blankets and keep them handy for the moments where I have the actual time to curl up and read, with a mug of tea next to me.  Which got… Read More Cozy Reads


New Books Today!

I have a new release, but so do some friends and fellow authors, so you’ll have plenty to read this weekend!  Zombie Maggots is out just in time for Halloween! It’s available in ebook and paperback for your reading pleasure. If you’d like to know more about the writing process of it, check out my… Read More New Books Today!


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I’m going to be out of pocket this weekend. I’ll leave you with some reading material recommendations, so you’ll have something to keep you busy (heh).  Also, these are people I know, writing good stuff, and you might have missed the new releases they have!  First order of business! Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture releases… Read More Books, books, books


The Deer Shot Back

The second volume of the hunting anthologies is available for purchase in ebook now, with paperback coming right along behind it.  Buy it! Read it! and then, if you’d be so kind, leave us a review…   

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How Not to Shoot Fish!

The hunting anthology, volume 1, is out now! A little early, but that’s better than late.  You can acquire and read this illustrated collection of twenty-one tales in ebook, or paperback.  As the title indicates, most of the stories in this book are humor, some wry, some rueful. In addition, there are tales of the… Read More How Not to Shoot Fish!