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Mother’s Touch

The hardest thing to do is to do nothing at all. I was reading an article about medicine, medical care, mental health, and psychotherapy, and the motto of ‘first do no harm’ which is part of the foundation of medical ethics. The Hippocratic Oath contains the phrase “abstain from doing harm” and the idea is… Read More Mother’s Touch

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Mother Moth

I’ve written rather a lot over the years about biology and the human condition. We are driven by our endocrine system to some extent, we are shaped not only by nurture, but the nature of how our parents and grands and great-grands and so on lived – more and more we realize just how much… Read More Mother Moth

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I often touch on social issues, and occasionaly very personal ones, on this blog. Earlier today I did this, writing not only on behalf of my children, but of every child of a disrupted family that has ever overheard adults dismissing them as worthless and hopelessly damaged because of it. My dears, it simply isn’t… Read More Kintsukori

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Keep Calm…

This is mirror-posted over at According To Hoyt, and you can read all of it there. I am a weapon. When the time comes to strike, the tool I happen to use is not the weapon, the squishy gray stuff between my ears is. In aid of keeping my weapon sharp, I have done various… Read More Keep Calm…

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Which is another way of saying this is a catch-all post. My schedule for today is homework, more homework, work-work, possible lunch with friends (yay!), and if that happens and I have my homework done, I get to go shoot butterflies. Yes, I know you need a teeny-tiny calibre to shoot butterflies… you all are… Read More Daydreaming

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Bubble Warp

No, that’s not a typo. You keep a person in a bubble, you’re going to warp them, physically and emotionally. Bubble wrap, the other spelling, is also an apt metaphor for over-protection. Mirror-posted at According to Hoyt I was working at an indoor playground this weekend, and in between the mad rush of what I… Read More Bubble Warp

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Young Science Fiction

I’m working on a short story today, about a boy and his dog… and the boy’s spaceship. Then Dave Freer posted this: Zamzummims, where he laments the loss of Science Fiction Giants in the world of the young. We need writers who can give our children wonder, adventure, and a solid science in their fiction.… Read More Young Science Fiction