The Joys of Kitten

Gets dressed… extricates kitten from closet. Feeds cats… extricates kitten from pantry. Opens dishwasher… extricates kitten… This is giving me fond memories of having toddlers.   Toast is not a bad kitten. She’s just curious, and energetic, and that’s fun to watch. Ok, sometimes it’s exasperating. To all of us, which included Inspector Gidget!  … Read More The Joys of Kitten


Invasion of The Cyoots

The Crooked House is under siege.  Patter, patter, patter… thwonk.  That’s the sound of tiny paws getting up a running start, then mis-estimating the clearance on the hollow-core door between the office and bedroom. Kitten heads are, thank heavens, hard.  My house is full of popcorn kittens, and one growling demon. Inspector Gidget is deeply… Read More Invasion of The Cyoots


Cat Chat

I am amused at this particular little bit of nonsense and time waster.  Want to have a conversation with a cat? Here you go.  Inspector Gidget likes this recliner that is in my office. She spends much of her days sleeping on it. And she’s usually mildly peeved when I displace her so I can… Read More Cat Chat


The Cat’s Palate

Inspector Gidget is ambivalent about wet catfood (she’ll only eat the gravy style with no solids) and turns up her nose at people food (even raw fresh salmon bits). I opened a tin of smoked oysters this morning and suddenly I had a cat trying to get on my lap (she doesn’t *do* laps, ever)and… Read More The Cat’s Palate


Show me you care

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Today is the first day off in twelve days straight. So of course I’m cleaning. I mean, I probably would have spent most of my day curled up and drawing, or writing, but my son dragged me gently but inexorably out into the living area and said ‘clean!’… Read More Show me you care


A minute void

  This was just adorable. Kittens are the best little murder muffins.  And sometimes when the stress gets too much, kitten pictures help. Very small worlds… One smile at a time.  (header image: Friday (calico) and Kettlebelly (gray) while still in the fluffy jellybean stage.)   



Sometime recently I heard someone referring to those bouts of super-energized activity that kittens and puppies (and sometimes bunnies too!) get as the zoomies. I feel like I have a case of them today, whether I want to or not. Also, how is it that a few ounces of floof and toebeans can sound like… Read More Zoomies

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Launch Day!

The God’s Wolfling is now available in ebook and print for purchase! I hope you enjoy this book, it was a long time coming, and a challenge for me. With Vulcan’s Kittens, I was told to channel my inner 14-year old girl, to which I responded “But I wasn’t a normal teenage girl!” Well, when… Read More Launch Day!