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Orange Blossoms

I’m a child of the North. I’ve never walked through an orchard of orange trees, with their heady perfume, but I’ve read about it. Perhaps some day. I do know that it is nothing like the same sort of stroll through a blooming apple orchard. Apple blossoms, fleeting delicate petals that begin to fall almost… Read More Orange Blossoms

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Christmas Books

For Christmas this year, I got a little gift certificate from work, to spend at Amazon. What did I want? Well, books! I wrote about this a week or so ago, how my initial foray into selecting a few fun reads was stymied by the state of anthropology these days. I weep for it… but… Read More Christmas Books


The Mincemeat Matrix

I grew up with mincemeat. Mom made these mincemeat cookies that were amazingly delicious, but it was usually mincemeat from the jar, once a year. Great-Grandma Ella made her own mincemeat, usually using elk as the meat in it. I didn’t get G’Grandma’s recipe, sadly, but what I did inherit was her Oregon State Grange… Read More The Mincemeat Matrix

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Baked Beans

I smoked a brisket for the group dinner, something I don’t do often, and as I like to do when I do manage this sort of thing, I made a pan of baked beans to soak up the yummy drippings. You could, certainly, make up these beans without the smoker involved. Most of the cooking… Read More Baked Beans

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Sourdough Culture

Having written up the ‘how-to’ of starting a sourdough culture, and the beginnings of a recipe set for it, I was asked about the nature of the sourdough starter. What’s going on in that jar of oozing, smelling, wonderful stuff? How does it work? Is it safe? And why did we stop using sourdough except… Read More Sourdough Culture


Cooking Adventures

It’s not just me, right? I mean, I can’t be the only one who would decide to do something relatively simple for the big dinner, and have it cascade from there?  I just wanted some goat. Or lamb, but ideally goat.  I am planning to make gulyas for dinner. I’ve got beef, since Alma Boykin… Read More Cooking Adventures

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Composing a Stew

Playing with flavors in the kitchen is a happy place for me. I’d come home after the Blanket Fort livestream yesterday, and was standing in the kitchen happily pulling odd containers out of the fridge, and possibly humming to myself, when the First Reader walked in. I looked up at him, giggling. “I’m composing!” He… Read More Composing a Stew