Cooking Adventures

It’s not just me, right? I mean, I can’t be the only one who would decide to do something relatively simple for the big dinner, and have it cascade from there?  I just wanted some goat. Or lamb, but ideally goat.  I am planning to make gulyas for dinner. I’ve got beef, since Alma Boykin… Read More Cooking Adventures

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Composing a Stew

Playing with flavors in the kitchen is a happy place for me. I’d come home after the Blanket Fort livestream yesterday, and was standing in the kitchen happily pulling odd containers out of the fridge, and possibly humming to myself, when the First Reader walked in. I looked up at him, giggling. “I’m composing!” He… Read More Composing a Stew

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Wing wing… hewwo?

The Little Man made dinner tonight. Well. He had some help. The problem isn’t that he can’t cook. Rather the opposite. He’s an ambitious cook with a fair amount of training, not just from me, but taking cooking classes. He lacks the experience to know where his limits are, so he’ll bite off more than… Read More Wing wing… hewwo?

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A Mole in my Kitchen

 No, not a spying underground creature, although I got jokes as I was posting process photos when I forgot to put the accent over that e. I mean the very special Mexican sauce, from toasted dried chilies, seeds, and chocolate. When I hear the term ‘slow food’ molé is what comes immediately to my mind.… Read More A Mole in my Kitchen

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Scotch Woodcock

This is another fun entry to the egg recipe list, although I have a feeling it will be somewhat controversial!  You can find the whole list of 99 Ways to Make Eggs here. In this time of recession and belt-tightening, eggs remain an inexpensive protein source and a good choice for grocery budgets.  Scotch Woodcock… Read More Scotch Woodcock