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Spaceship Design

So I’ve been experimenting with space art again. It’s a lot of fun, which honestly is enough in and of itself. But when I start digging into rendering spaceships, it’s not just for fun. When I create science fiction cover art, I want to use ships. The distant views of nebula or galaxy are amazing,… Read More Spaceship Design

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Cover Reveal!

I’m rather excited about this. It’s been a long, busy year, and I’d begun to wonder if I’d be able to release anything significant this year. Well, as I’m wrapping up Lab Gremlins, it’s looking like it will have a Halloween publication date. Only… There’s more to a book than the words which make up… Read More Cover Reveal!

Cover Art

mental noodle

I have all the brainpower of a noodle today. I’m not sure where it came from – probably a TV show – but the thing at our house for a long time was to say ‘But I’m a good noodle’ when something wasn’t going right. Usually the kids, but I’ve been known to say ‘you’re… Read More mental noodle

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Book Covers and Designs

It’s been a busy month for me, in the graphic design department. I’ve had the pleasure of creating several book covers, in different genres, for clients. I always enjoy this sort of work, from the research into the specific genre covers so I’m sure my work best suits the marketplace, to matching up with author… Read More Book Covers and Designs

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Graphic Stuff

I have a post up at the Mad Genius Club this morning. The First Reader will have a post up here later today.  And I’m not talking about describing the gory bits in gruesome detail. No, I had planned to do a walk-through tutorial today about creating a logo for your writing business. I hadn’t… Read More Graphic Stuff

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Covers and Writing

My #indiepublishing how-to contribution over at Mad Genius Club today is covers, specifically how to judge, find, and use art suitable for an ebook cover (planning ahead for print, as well).  Although this is a topic I’ve covered a few times (heh) this year, we continue to get questions about it, so I’ve done it… Read More Covers and Writing

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Which One?

UPDATED: I have bowed to peer pressure (kidding, kidding!)The cover chosen by popular acclaim is now:   OK, based on feedback and sorry, everyone, finding a picture of a blonde woman riding a horse that is affordable stock doesn’t seem to be happening, so… These are the final two options. Because I have class (and… Read More Which One?

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Bad Book Covers

When you are studying book covers while you plot to create your next Indie book… Don’t do ANYTHING you see on this site. Lousy Book Covers Go on, go have a giggle, stare in horror… and then come back and we’ll talk about some bad examples in more detail. I asked for contributions of bad… Read More Bad Book Covers