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Glyphosate and Science in the Courtroom

“glyphosate is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet.” — WHO and FAO Meeting, 2016 So why, in light of the above conclusion after extensive and repeated studies trying to prove that glyphosate is carcinogenic and genotoxic, (including an arguably fraudulent conclusion by the IARC that it was, later revoked… Read More Glyphosate and Science in the Courtroom

Crime and Justice, science

Pandora’s Gun

I don’t often talk about it, but I’m a strong supporter of the second amendment. For that matter, I support all the amendments. What I don’t believe, though, is that the government in some way has granted us those rights. I believe we are born to those rights, and the government has simply codified our… Read More Pandora’s Gun

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Wilding Places

When the wild creeps into the human spaces, the fear crawls along with it like a wounded animal, snapping at anything that moves. From time immemorial, bandits have hidden in the forests, even if only metaphorically, and a tangle of trees and brush ignites a spark deep in the brain. An instinctive reaction to an… Read More Wilding Places

Crime and Justice, science

Forensic Toxicology: Poisons, Drugs, Scientific Analysis, and the Law

  This is a paper I had to write for class, but it was rather an enjoyable project. I am very interested in this specialty, and it’s interesting to delve into the cases, methods, and implications of this field. If you catch a typo or find yourself confused, leave a comment. I’m turning this in… Read More Forensic Toxicology: Poisons, Drugs, Scientific Analysis, and the Law