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Literary Criticism

I do reviews on this blog, sometimes meh, rarely AUGH get it out of my brain!!  and mostly good. I will never rise to the level Mark Twain did, in his masterful critique of James Fenimore Cooper… I’m sharing parts of it (and you can find it in whole here, and to download free here)… Read More Literary Criticism

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A Curmudgeon on Classics

Cedar here: I’m up to my elbows in Dragon Noir, having fallen behind with travel, and recovery taking longer than I’d anticipated. So my First Reader and in-house curmudgeon reminded me that he’d done a couple of posts for just these occasions, because under that crusty exterior beats the heart of… well, we won’t go… Read More A Curmudgeon on Classics

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Bad Book Covers

When you are studying book covers while you plot to create your next Indie book… Don’t do ANYTHING you see on this site. Lousy Book Covers Go on, go have a giggle, stare in horror… and then come back and we’ll talk about some bad examples in more detail. I asked for contributions of bad… Read More Bad Book Covers

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Writers! Are you blue, depressed, down in the mouth? Are you feeling like you have just written the worst compilation of words ever known in the universe? Well, worry no more! Now, you can take one look at this tome, and know that in comparison your treatise is a shining example of literary merit! Behold…

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Fling Open the Gates

Mirror-posted at Mad Genius Club today. I’ll begin this with two myths. First, that books and publishing need gatekeepers. This could be applied to oh, so much more in life, but I will stop there. The other, that gatekeepers must have the ‘right credentials’ or indeed, that anyone involved with writing must have them, from… Read More Fling Open the Gates