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The Death of a Mole

Mornings around here are usually quiet. Coffee, breakfast, hollering at the kids to ‘rise and shine.’ The First Reader usually takes the time to actually cook eggs and toast, and this morning took it into his head to make both of us bacon, too. So I was puttering around the kitchen and dining room finding… Read More The Death of a Mole


Dog Dynamics

My Mom is here for a short visit. She’s been driving across country, visiting family along the way, enroute from Oregon to (ultimately) New Hampshire. Last evening Mom, my sister Juniper… and two dogs showed up. All were welcome, but it’s been funny watching the dogs, her two and our (very spoiled) one. They met… Read More Dog Dynamics

Dog, Humor

Lassie Moment

I’ve had my Lassie moment of the morning. I had let the dog out, and ten minutes later, talked her in out of the rain, which is unusual, she hates to get wet. While I’m dealing with muddy pawprints in the kitchen, she starts whining and scratching at the floor in the other room. I… Read More Lassie Moment

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Artfully: Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas, I gave to my true love: five dogs, and a cat. I’m sketching dogs for my son, who wants me to illustrate a story he’s trying to write, about five dogs who are in fifth grade together, a cat who is their friend against the odds, and another dog… Read More Artfully: Day 4


Late Again

I think I have posted late every day this week. However, I have also written about 15K words on Trickster Noir, gotten a bunch of other things done, and it was my first full week off from school, so I will beg your pardons and try to do better next week. Tomorrow’s post is already… Read More Late Again