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Kilo Cake

So I mentioned at work that I was thinking about baking this weekend. After two weeks of working straight through, I was in the mood to bake, it’s how I relax. Everyone’s tired and stressed. So they perked up, and somehow pound cake was mentioned. I can make that! I said, thinking that it was… Read More Kilo Cake

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The Book Afterlife

A paper book is not immortal. Some have lasted through the ages, and now historians and scholars visit them in climate-controlled vaults, handling them with reverence and cotton gloves. But in the twentieth century, books came into their own, as cheaply printed and widely distributed as possible. You could pick up a candy bar and… Read More The Book Afterlife

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Inktail is Here!

A month later than my latest projection, the coloring book is now available for purchase. It’s been quite the adventure, bringing this project to completion. I’ll blog the whole saga in a couple of weeks, but right now I’m just holding it and cooing over it a little. Ok, maybe not. But it’s cool! I… Read More Inktail is Here!

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Musings on a Femtodragon

Written by Jason Fuesting, Illustrated by Cedar Sanderson This all started when I was challenged to make an even smaller chainmaille dragon. I made three sizes, and jokingly dubbed them in relationship to a ‘real’ dragon. So the Microdragon (the size currently in my shop, and roughly 4 inches long) is 10^-6 smaller than a… Read More Musings on a Femtodragon