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Wilding Walk

I will be guiding a Forage and Birding walk at LongMeadow Farm in Lebanon, OH this coming weekend. Saturday July 7, at 10 am. If you can’t make this one, we will be doing two more, one in August and finally in September. I’m excited about this – I love to talk about plants, bugs,… Read More Wilding Walk

edible wild plants, Naturalist


We want to conserve the world around us. Not to eliminate the footprint of mankind, but to soften it, to pause it for a moment during the hurried day to smell the wildflowers, admire the industry of the bee, and thrill to the music of the songbird. Conservation understands the vital role of the green… Read More Conservation

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Nature Art

While I was at LibertyCon, and on the trip down, I took more pictures than just of people. I have chemistry lab today, and ought to be working on my pre-lab write up, since I spent my homework time last night out performing at a Ramadan party… With no further ado, works of art from… Read More Nature Art

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Sunday Brunch

Well, actually this was Saturday brunch for the First Reader and I, and it’s partly because when I’m writing and it’s not going well, I bake. And cook, and clean, and… Anyway. About a week ago, while visiting in Kentucky, I realized that the funny little tufts of green in the folk’s yard, sticking up… Read More Sunday Brunch