Pursuit of Polymath

I’ve been called a Renaissance woman, a Heinlein girl, and asked many times how I can reconcile my artistic tendencies with a passion for science. The reality is that I grew up with no barriers, no one telling me ‘you can’t do that because you’re a girl.’ I took to heart early, Heinlein’s words that… Read More Pursuit of Polymath

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Taking Counsel

Life is a Battleground I found myself walking across campus yesterday and wondering what I was doing there. It’s not that I feel like I don’t belong, although I have days like that, too. It’s more that I was feeling sick, stupid, and used up. I’m too old for this. I ought to have done… Read More Taking Counsel

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The Other Blog

It occurs to me that when I comment or otherwise chime in on other’s blogs these days, there may be some confusion when you check me out and find a farm blog (or these days, slice of life family blog). I also write, and that blog is here: My name really is Cedar, that’s not… Read More The Other Blog