Ethics and Morals

Good Stewardship

On the gripping hand from my earlier post today, there’s this: I really believe in true charity. The word can be translated as love, and sometimes the best way you can love and help someone is cold hard cash. Sometimes good people get into bad situations.  Also, I am a woman of faith, and part… Read More Good Stewardship

Ethics and Morals


I found myself doomscrolling this morning and made myself stop. I think it’s time for another break from social media, or at the very least limit my interactions there severely – I can’t cut it out entirely as I’ve set up things like my daily art groups, and a writing group, and this keeps me… Read More InHuman

Ethics and Morals, family

Anniversary Day

  This was originally published on Sarah Hoyt’s blog just before the First Reader and I were wed, five years ago now. The final line was what we spoke as we leaped a sword together, in symbolism of severing ties with our pasts while clinging to one another for the rest of our lives.  Marriage… Read More Anniversary Day