Ethics and Morals

Unseen Regulation

I was listening to a podcast, talking about the Emperor of Japan, and what he was warped into during the regime that took over following Commodore Perry’s contact with Japan that basically ripped them out of their somewhat self-inflicted seclusion and took them virtually overnight from a medieval world into the Industrial Revolutionary era. I’ve… Read More Unseen Regulation

childhood, Ethics and Morals


Generally speaking, I’m pretty sure I’m Lawful Good. I was raised to be a good girl, and even now I follow rules and stay within laws as best I can – figuring, of course, that there are an awful lot of them and I don’t always know what they are. I’ve mentioned before, I think,… Read More Rulebreaker

Ethics and Morals

Decent Human Beings

I’m digging into research for a post, which I will probably put up tomorrow, and as I am, I’m contemplating something. I’m researching the possible toxic effects of a home remedy, because people I know and love are interested in taking the remedy to help them. I’m not at all opposed to the placebo effect… Read More Decent Human Beings