Musing on Motherhood

I’ve been a mother for a little over twenty-four years, now. I say a little over, as I gave birth to my first child just about twenty-four years ago at the time of the post, and I was certainly a mother even before she arrived into the cold January of a New England winter. My… Read More Musing on Motherhood

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Wing wing… hewwo?

The Little Man made dinner tonight. Well. He had some help. The problem isn’t that he can’t cook. Rather the opposite. He’s an ambitious cook with a fair amount of training, not just from me, but taking cooking classes. He lacks the experience to know where his limits are, so he’ll bite off more than… Read More Wing wing… hewwo?


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You know you’re a grown-up when you get excited about filing cabinets.  When we were in Ohio, I had two very heavy and nice filing cabinets, wood, executive level quality. Man, they weighed a ton! And I had a four-drawer steel filing cabinet. One that predated WWII and was made of a thickness of steel… Read More Filed Under Funny


Family Table

One of the sweet things about the last couple of days was the excitement from the Little Man over having family dinner last night. He insisted that since we were so close to having the table in the dining area, we’d wait on dinner until we were able to sit down around the table together… Read More Family Table



Reflecting on being a mother, these last 23 years, as Mother’s Day passed quietly yesterday. It’s far too much to unpack at in one sitting, those two decades-plus, and I have other things pressing on my time and attention. Which is, I suppose, a summary of motherhood in itself. It’s a constant war for my… Read More Motherhood


Home for a Day

Today we came home.  There was champagne, and housewarming gifts – like that chair, thank you Jim Curtis!  There were friends, and a dog and a cat, and a very excited Little Man.  Toasting the house, and showing off all the fun little features.  And finally, for a brief sweet moment in the hectic day,… Read More Home for a Day


The Final Hurdle

We are in the last stages of this particular life adventure. One year ago I came down to Texas towing a loaded trailer, and spent the weekend at a gathering of friends before turning around and heading back to Ohio. Two days later, the whole family was in Texas to unload the big truck with… Read More The Final Hurdle

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April Whirlwind

The chaos is upon me. Boxes fill the living area. We hadn’t intended to start packing up the kitchen and pantry this soon, to be honest. With the ability to stage the move from apartment to house in a somewhat leisurely manner, we’d planned for… more time. But the apartment complex sent notice that tomorrow… Read More April Whirlwind


Family Weekend

Here in a few minutes I’ll be headed out to take my daughters to the train station. They came up on Friday, and we’ve had a great weekend together. As space and time between us widens, I miss them, but I’m also deeply happy they are finding their own way in the world. It was… Read More Family Weekend

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Today has been both a long day, and a quiet one. This weekend was emotionally taxing – good! but still, that much of a charge leaves you feeling drained – and physically. I welcomed spring with a trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden in the company of friends. We saw the butterfly exhibit, which… Read More Sundries