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Today has been both a long day, and a quiet one. This weekend was emotionally taxing – good! but still, that much of a charge leaves you feeling drained – and physically. I welcomed spring with a trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden in the company of friends. We saw the butterfly exhibit, which… Read More Sundries


Mutter of Writer

I’m engaging in a bit of procrastination this morning. I really ought to be cleaning the kitchen. Most of our day will be out of pocket – going to see the house for the first time, dinner with friends, several hours of driving – so I have about, um, four hours to write, make art,… Read More Mutter of Writer

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Mae Ploy

It’s funny, the little things that parenting entails. I was talking to the Little Man the other day, about when he really was my little man.  “I used to make airplane noises to get you to eat.” I told him.  “Really?” He’s sitting next to me in the car, and out of the corner of… Read More Mae Ploy

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Excited State

  In atomic theory, an electron can be in one of several states. For this, I’m thinking about two… the ground state, and the excited state. When the electron is struck by a bit of light, it gets knocked out of it’s usual low-energy orbit, and goes as far from it’s center as it can… Read More Excited State


Look a Squirrel!

  The day has been long. I’m tired, I have to wrangle the dictation transcription into something approaching English – anyone recommend a decent cardioid microphone with a 3.5mm jack, less than $100? Much appreciated, if so!  On the upside, the Little Man had a shining moment and then another, today. I came home to… Read More Look a Squirrel!


Sowing Seeds

  Don’t forget! This evening, over on my channel, I’ll be chatting live at 7:30 pm EST. I’ve been told the most reliable way to remember is to click the notification bell when you subscribe to the channel. Up to you – if you follow that link you will find all the older videos I’ve… Read More Sowing Seeds


A Quiet Anniversary

  Fifteen years and a few days ago, I published my first blog post. It was unashamedly a Mommy blog, because it was before any social media I knew of (I’m sure Myspace was a thing, I had no idea of it) and I wanted to share the quiet joys of my small family with… Read More A Quiet Anniversary


Morning Ambushed Me

  I’m sitting at the kitchen table on this Christmas Eve morning, chatting with the Little Man and First Reader, patting the cat or the dog when they come within my arm’s reach. It is a pleasant sensation to be here, now, even if I did wake up far too early. I was out of… Read More Morning Ambushed Me