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An April Fool

  My best prank ever!  You can have a good laugh along with me, if you buy and read  The Case of the Perambulating Hatrack Available now in ebook, paperback and hardback coming soon…  She was trouble, and from the moment she sailed into his office in search of a PI, Soldagh Dennessey was caught… Read More An April Fool

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  I was stuck on the primary writing, but still needed to do my daily wordcount. So here it is, all 705 words of flash fiction that I sat down and pulled out of my head.  Rusalka  He dipped his hand into the water, and lifted it slowly back out, letting the droplets fall straight… Read More Rusalka

Books, fantasy

Anthology Release Day!

  Happy Valentine’s to my readers! I present to you a dozen stories, rather than roses. Something makes me think you’ll like these better than dying flowers. High Fantasy romantic tales, every one of them.  The Hearts’ Enchantment is an anthology from Huntress press, and you can find it on Amazon now (not sure yet… Read More Anthology Release Day!

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Killer Research

For other writerly thoughts today, you could check out my Mad Genius Club post. This post is about how a story was killed by research. Or: facts and fiction get muddled easily. I was chatting with a colleague about mustangs, and how I was wondering that the BLM rehomes mustangs in the Tennessee area. She… Read More Killer Research