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Authors Talk About Gardening

  Don’t forget to catch up with this awesome author discussion this evening, Thursday March 11 at 8:00 pm EST We’re going to have some fun…  Christopher Woods William Joseph Roberts HP Holo and me.  The panel will be Zoom-based and simultaneously streamed on the Holo Writing – Authors Jacob and H.P. Holo Facebook Page, so viewers can watch… Read More Authors Talk About Gardening

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Where’s the Beef?

  If you live in the US and you’ve been into a grocery store in the last few weeks, you’ve noticed something. Meat is getting harder to find, and more expensive. The supply chain is thoroughly disrupted, for a lot of complicated reasons this post isn’t about. No, this is about one thing: why aren’t… Read More Where’s the Beef?


Farms and Farmland

One of the things I love about my new home state is the farms. For one thing, living in New England for 20 years fighting the annual crop of rocks gave me a deep appreciation for the smooth fields of dirt here every spring. For another thing, I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful old… Read More Farms and Farmland


Future of Farming

I write science fiction, I once managed a small farm using permaculture ideas and organic principles, I’ve gardened all my life, and I’m a scientist. Yesterday’s post about Persistent Food Myths was written out of exasperation at the hysteria surrounding the use of ‘chemicals’ on our crops, which is far to broad a term to… Read More Future of Farming

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Mitey Bees

Honeybees, the most-loved insect, and a vital part of the pollination system that ensures we have fruit, nuts, and veggies in the stores to buy and eat, have a nemesis. In recent years you’ve likely seen concerns over Colony Collapse Disorder (also known as CCD) but what you probably haven’t heard about are the Destructors.… Read More Mitey Bees

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Unnatural Foods

This isn’t, really, a food blog. If I seem to dwell overmuch on the subject, it is perhaps because food is very important to life. Food is the fuel our bodies burn to do our daily activities, which we must do, to earn more food. Is it any surprise that food is a pivotal pillar… Read More Unnatural Foods

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Inorganic Food

Chemistry is everywhere. Some of you may know this, but for a long time I lived with my Dad on a small New England farm, where we grew veggies and chickens and dabbled with other things. Most of it was his ideas, I was just grunt labor helping him keep up with chores. Dad’s been… Read More Inorganic Food

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Incredibly Late

I know, I’m late, I’m late… but it’s been an interesting day so far. Three weeks worth of laundry, and the First Reader is sick, poor man, so I did it solo. But I managed about 1500 words in the wash and dry cycles, and I think this novella is going to be ready by… Read More Incredibly Late