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Orange Blossoms

I’m a child of the North. I’ve never walked through an orchard of orange trees, with their heady perfume, but I’ve read about it. Perhaps some day. I do know that it is nothing like the same sort of stroll through a blooming apple orchard. Apple blossoms, fleeting delicate petals that begin to fall almost… Read More Orange Blossoms


Spicy HotPot

Since I mentioned this, in detail, on today’s livestream, I thought I’d put up my photo of it. That’s a lot of chili oil adrift on that yummy, yummy broth!  I will one hundred percent go back to Yin Tang for lunch, but next time I’m ordering a mild. Or… what’s less than a mild? 

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I’d heard about Texas. So many stories. But there was one story that intrigued me, foodie that I am. The tale of the illicit dealings in tamales. I figured it would take a while, making some connections, getting to know the right people, before I, too, could make that covert exchange with an abuelita in… Read More DDE


Food Coma

But wait, you say, it’s not the big day yet!  No. No it is not. However, at work we had a Thanksgiving potluck, which was first of all: awesome. There was laughter, way too much very good food from at least three cultures, and plenty of Spanglish to make the conversation extra joyful. Secondly, ow.… Read More Food Coma

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  I’m doing my own version of this recipe because frankly, it is super annoying to scroll for days through a food blog’s blather and ads and god-forbid-auto-playing videos…  So here it is (printable version below the tutorial version). Preheat your oven to 375F  2-3 cubanelle peppers, seeded and diced. (I also threw in a… Read More Shakshuka