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  • Small Worlds

    Small Worlds

    Every time, it seems, and I am acutely aware this may just be my own perception from inside this thick skull of mine… every time I am ready to stretch my wings and go places, do things, something happens. I think there’s a reason It’s a Wonderful Life resonates with people. I know I’m not…

  • Sowing Seeds

    Sowing Seeds

    And this isn’t a metaphor, it’s what I did today. I did a lot of other things too. It was a good day, and I’m tired at the end of it.  It started, though, doing one of the things I love best, sitting on the porch with my First Reader, watching the sun come up…

  • A new start

    A new start

    So I did a video of my garden, a little walking tour of it as it is now. With all the mess and imperfections and work that needs to be done…  It’s a start. Starts aren’t meant to be perfect, if you make it perfect before you begin you’ll never begin, and you will have…

  • Bug Safari

    Bug Safari

    I had promised myself that if I got through the editing and uploaded the working files for the upcoming book (Postcards from Foolz, due out from Raconteur Press this coming Friday) that I’d put a macro lens on the camera and go prowl the garden for a while.    The thing about the lens I…

  • Ask


    You don’t know what you can have, unless you ask.  The Little Man and I were working on the garden, preparing new flowerbeds, and mulching with the one truckload of mulch I’d bought. I had planned to make the garden grow slowly. Not overwhelm myself.  I had not calculated on youth and enthusiasm. The teenager…

  • Pickle Beer

    Pickle Beer

    When the Sour Pickle Beer tastes light and refreshing, you might have overdone it in the garden. I don’t drink these often – they don’t taste like beer, for the curious. They taste like pickle juice with some fizz, and I only have one when I’m dripping sweat and need to replace electrolytes. I wasn’t…

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    I’ve spent a good portion of my Sunday working in the garden with my son. That’s a reward in and of itself, but seeing my plans move towards reality as plants go in, or start to bloom and grow from earlier work, is just happy-making. The peas are tall, but not blooming. They might not,…

  • Book Review: Texas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening

    Book Review: Texas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening

    Mom sent me this book when I first bought the house here in Tiny Town, actually she sent me a few gardening books, which I deeply appreciate! As I’d decided not to garden in a big way last year, but to get a feel for my land, and start building up to the garden this…

  • Bug Safari

    Bug Safari

    I finally found the time and inclination to do something at this house. After a year of living here (almost!) I got out the camera, macro lens, and went bug hunting.   

  • Hope Springs

    Hope Springs

    I’m not as young as I once was. I planned for that, this year. Well… I’m planning for the future. Which means I’m exhausted, but setting the foundation for gardens that will, hopefully, need less care next year, and so on going forward. This year? It’s the big stuff. Trees, shrubs, berries, a set of…

  • The Black Thumb

    The Black Thumb

    The secret to having a green thumb is persistence. Yes, you’ll kill plants, but if you keep studying, and trying, eventually you’ll have something live. Oddly enough, what kills most houseplants? Overwatering.  This is not to say I have a green thumb. I have not. In fact, this summer trying to garden in Texas was…

  • Orchid Bloom

    Orchid Bloom

    Just one, so far, but more are coming! I was surprised when we had to bring in all the plants – well in advance of any cold weather, the complex was being painted – and I realized my orchid had put out a bloom spike. Watched it for over a month and then one day!…