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The Black Thumb

The secret to having a green thumb is persistence. Yes, you’ll kill plants, but if you keep studying, and trying, eventually you’ll have something live. Oddly enough, what kills most houseplants? Overwatering.  This is not to say I have a green thumb. I have not. In fact, this summer trying to garden in Texas was… Read More The Black Thumb


Orchid Bloom

Just one, so far, but more are coming! I was surprised when we had to bring in all the plants – well in advance of any cold weather, the complex was being painted – and I realized my orchid had put out a bloom spike. Watched it for over a month and then one day!… Read More Orchid Bloom

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Butterfly Garden

There is more to the Texas Discovery Gardens than the butterfly house, but oh my that is an amazing place to visit. Worth the round trip that passes me through downtown Dallas, even. Tucked into the Texas State Fairgrounds, this small garden is a jewel, and very kid-friendly. Even on a hot day, there is… Read More Butterfly Garden


A Walk in the Garden

One of the perks to living in the city? Access to the arts. Museums, parks… and the botanical gardens. It’s high summer here in Texas, which means it’s hot, and the flowers are past their peak, but I didn’t care. I finally had the time and the energy to go walk in the garden. It’s… Read More A Walk in the Garden

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Authors Talk About Gardening

  Don’t forget to catch up with this awesome author discussion this evening, Thursday March 11 at 8:00 pm EST We’re going to have some fun…  Christopher Woods William Joseph Roberts HP Holo and me.  The panel will be Zoom-based and simultaneously streamed on the Holo Writing – Authors Jacob and H.P. Holo Facebook Page, so viewers can watch… Read More Authors Talk About Gardening

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Lasagna Gardening

As we’ve been slowly moving into the new house, I’ve been slowly establishing the new garden. My plan is to grow herbs, berries, fruit, and possibly some vegetables (more on that priority later) as well as flowers and beautiful plants. We have just over a half-acre of mostly level ground, partially fenced, mostly lawn. I’ll… Read More Lasagna Gardening

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Short Rambles

I would like to have a day off in April. If all goes to plan, Sunday is that day. It’s been a long, long month and we still have a third of it to go. Not that it’s been uneventful! We signed on the house Wednesday. I’m devoting my art sales money for the rest… Read More Short Rambles

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A Profusion of Petals

Have you ever wondered why there is such a broad diversity of flower shapes? What dictates that this plant will have two petals, this one five, and that one over there 200 or more? The answer is in the genes, of course, but flowers themselves are an interesting genetic phenomenon. The cells that develop into… Read More A Profusion of Petals

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Mitey Bees

Honeybees, the most-loved insect, and a vital part of the pollination system that ensures we have fruit, nuts, and veggies in the stores to buy and eat, have a nemesis. In recent years you’ve likely seen concerns over Colony Collapse Disorder (also known as CCD) but what you probably haven’t heard about are the Destructors.… Read More Mitey Bees

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Smell the Roses

Take the time today to stop and smell the roses. If you can find old-fashioned roses like these yellow ones, your nose will be in for a real treat. But don’t bother trying to sniff the expensive tea roses at a florist’s shop – they have been bred for looks, and endurance, and in the… Read More Smell the Roses