Winter Garden

I’m hopefully going to take advantage of a mild weather week here in North Central Texas to do some outdoor work. My garden here at the Crooked House is as wonky as the interior of the house, and I’m hoping to establish some things now, so they have a chance to survive the Summer.  Like… Read More Winter Garden

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The Black Thumb

The secret to having a green thumb is persistence. Yes, you’ll kill plants, but if you keep studying, and trying, eventually you’ll have something live. Oddly enough, what kills most houseplants? Overwatering.  This is not to say I have a green thumb. I have not. In fact, this summer trying to garden in Texas was… Read More The Black Thumb

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Gone Buggy

I went bughunting today! All of these photos were taken in my front garden in early evening. I really do need to get out and do this more often. Enjoy!

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Spring has always been, for me, the beginning of a new year. Winter is a time of enduring, waiting for the return of warmth, flowers, and the sun. When the rains come and the green unfurls, then I feel the quickening of my heart in time with the bird’s song. I’ve had a garden always,… Read More Potential

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I’ve been taking pictures of bees, butterflies, wasps, beetles, and more for years now. What do they all have in common? They are pollinators of flowers large and small. Many of my photos are of honeybees, but pollinators are a diverse group.