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April Whirlwind

The chaos is upon me. Boxes fill the living area. We hadn’t intended to start packing up the kitchen and pantry this soon, to be honest. With the ability to stage the move from apartment to house in a somewhat leisurely manner, we’d planned for… more time. But the apartment complex sent notice that tomorrow… Read More April Whirlwind


Relentlessly Cheerful

Never give up, never surrender. Never let the despair drag you into the falsehood of believing there’s no hope.  It’s a lie, for one thing. There is always hope, and joy, and humans are more resilient than we give them credit for. For another thing… We, speaking in the very broad human voice here, are… Read More Relentlessly Cheerful

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I’ve been reading an excellent book on psychotherapy on my lunchbreaks, and listening to my usual podcasts at work to fill in the time. Given that lunch is only 30 min, the reading is obviously moving slower, even if I do read quickly. But a combination of Tomasz Witkowski’s acerbic take on the, ah, art… Read More Coping

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Bibliotherapy Mirror-posted from According to Hoyt this morning. Cedar Sanderson A meta-analysis of the utilization of, and reading recommendations for effective bibliotherapy in a non-clinical setting. Bibliotherapy is the use of reading to improve mental health, reduce anxiety, and increase ‘mindfulness.’ Firstly, what is mindfulness? Psychology Today defines it neatly. “Mindfulness is a state of… Read More Bibliotherapy

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500 times

WordPress tells me this is my 500th blog post on this blog. It’s a milestone… I was thinking, again (a dangerous pasttime, I know) about this blog, and why I do it. It started out as a mommy blog, a way to share pictures and anecdotes of my family with far-flung relatives. Scattered updates, and… Read More 500 times