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Past Reflects Future

I always feel a little hesitant to offer any analysis of current events. For one thing, it seems that these days, everything is political, will I, nil I. For another, it’s outside my realm. I am not that erudite and intellectual as to think that my observations are weighty and worthy of proclaiming. Besides which,… Read More Past Reflects Future

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Planning Ahead

I have to admit, a friend’s comment elsewhere caught my attention and kind of sums up how I feel right now. Like there are storm clouds looming on the horizon, and I’m bracing for the gust front to swirl through the yard, tossing leaves high into the air… Doom is falling. It just hasn’t landed… Read More Planning Ahead

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The Lone Man

  I’d been reading John Locke, as I revisit the origins of my beloved country and remind myself where the freedoms I currently enjoy stem from. It’s a good thing to do periodically, as time erodes with it’s passage much that we took for granted. Locke, at length, proposes to trace the origination of the… Read More The Lone Man

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As a companion to the piece I wrote for Mad Genius Club today, the Luddites are Winning, I ran across this article today, about a champion of golden rice, and a former Greenpeace member. Patrick Moore, in an interview for Savvy Street: The leaders of the Greens are extreme leftists, profoundly anti-human, anti-science, and anti-civilization.… Read More Anti-Human