Eh, sonny?

Ow. I felt that.  I’d picked up a piece of hand-thrown pottery yesterday. It’s something I do, rescuing pieces that were made with love and skill, and putting them to use. In this case, it was a nice fat little round jug in a pretty cobalt blue with traces of purple glaze. Just what I… Read More Eh, sonny?

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How Not to Shoot Fish!

The hunting anthology, volume 1, is out now! A little early, but that’s better than late.  You can acquire and read this illustrated collection of twenty-one tales in ebook, or paperback.  As the title indicates, most of the stories in this book are humor, some wry, some rueful. In addition, there are tales of the… Read More How Not to Shoot Fish!


Saturday Silliness

During my livestream last night I referenced the new shower curtain. Behold! Cowboy Cat carrying a Winchester, riding a dinosaur!  Just because it appalls the teenager, that’s going to adorn the main bath for a long time.  Besides, you already knew we weren’t serious here at the Crooked House.  Lawdog, on meeting the little robot,… Read More Saturday Silliness


Curiosity Food

You know the saying. Well, I say that it’s because of starvation. Obviously, the way to keep alive is to feed the impulse.  So! Can I embed a funny story prompt? Or perhaps something that made me giggle out loud?


Too Many Mugs

Me: I need something to hold hairsticks. One at my desk, one at my nightstand, one at the vanity: anywhere I take the ‘sticks out and put them down (and inevitably lose them for at least a while). Him: Use a coffee mug. Me… I was thinking a bud vase, but ok. I have a… Read More Too Many Mugs

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I’d heard about Texas. So many stories. But there was one story that intrigued me, foodie that I am. The tale of the illicit dealings in tamales. I figured it would take a while, making some connections, getting to know the right people, before I, too, could make that covert exchange with an abuelita in… Read More DDE


Demon Cow: A Guest Post

  Cedar’s note: This made me cry laughing. It’s easily on par with the late great Patrick McManus, or Lewis Grizzard’s funny stories. Justin graciously gave me permission to share from his original post on social media. Honestly, I have the best friends.  ***** A Childhood Tale By Justin Turner Most people don’t believe the… Read More Demon Cow: A Guest Post

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Haunted by Furbies

  In the comments yesterday, one of you (you know who you are) said he had a good mental image of being haunted by furbies. It wasn’t a figure of speech. My house is infested with the creepy cute little creatures!  The Ginja Ninja and Jr. Mad Scientist started collecting the retro toys a while… Read More Haunted by Furbies