To All the Veterans

They all went out, in service of their country. Some came home again.  They came home, and went back to work quietly, but we remember what they were willing to do on our behalf.  We remember, and are grateful for the men and women who marched until their feet bled, for our safety and comfort.… Read More To All the Veterans

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Why Not?

On my desk I have a few sheets of paper. I printed them out earlier, and now they are lying here causing me some mingled emotional moments when I look over and see them. You see, I suspect most of you are like me. Back in 2020 when the world stopped, or attempted to grind… Read More Why Not?

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Dragons and Quilts

Honestly, that’s a story prompt right there! A dragon that hoards quilts? A wee baby dragon with it’s head too big for it’s body wrapped up in a baby quilt? A quilted vest for a dragon visiting the Ice Dragons?  I digress. Really, there’s already a book I’d like for you to read. And buying… Read More Dragons and Quilts


Encouraging Myself

Well, that took less than two weeks. I started out the year trying to set up some new routines, hoping to get more productive and work on health stuff. Tonight, I’m sitting here staring at the computer willing myself to come up with story so I can write… And feeling like crying because I’m not… Read More Encouraging Myself


Good Morning

  I am, to begin with, feeling better. It’s been a long couple of months, and I don’t think it’s over entirely. However, I seem to be back on an even keel, having dumped stressors off my plate with wild abandon until things… got worse. There’s nothing like having the prospect of Very Bad Things… Read More Good Morning


We are Free: V

  “For when any number of men have, by the consent of every individual, made a community, they have thereby made that community one body, with a power to act as one body, which is only by the will and determination of the majority: for that which acts any community, being only the consent of… Read More We are Free: V


We Are Free: IV

  I intend to persist with the posts on freedom, at least for a little while. It means many things to me. Not just the freedom politically I hold in our great country, to cast votes – and to hold the electoral process to the fire when it should be tested to see if it… Read More We Are Free: IV


We Are Free: III

“Liberty.—The worth of a thing often lies, not in what one attains by it, but in the difficulty one experiences in getting it. The struggle for political liberty, for example, has done more than any other one thing to develop strength, courage and resourcefulness in the human race, and yet liberty itself, as we know… Read More We Are Free: III


Deadline Rush

  My feet are tired. I’m tired. This is not a bad thing. First of all, I made it up on time this morning to hit the treadmill for a mile. Since this was the goal, that was happy. And then work was busy. I was challenged, and I rose to the challenge and accomplished… Read More Deadline Rush