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Pottery and Willow

Nine years. Happy Anniversary, my beloved First Reader. You had no idea what you were getting, did you? At the end of a long drive, when we walked over the threshold of a little house in OH, I was only beginning to upend your life in so many ways.  It’s been a good time. Let’s… Read More Pottery and Willow


The Rose’s Name

A rose by any other name… I chose not to legally change my name when the First Reader and I were wed. There were reasons for this, and what seemed like good ones – I did want to take his name, but I have an established professional career with my maiden name, plus the hassle… Read More The Rose’s Name

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New-Fallen Snow

This is not the first April morning I have awoken to see snow on the ground, and I don’t expect it to be the last. As tempting as the idea of ‘move where it never snows’ is, the reality is that I’m a Northern girl with ice crystals in my blood, and the tradeoff of… Read More New-Fallen Snow

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More Wedding Photos

There were two professional photographers at the wedding in Tennessee, and Scott Bragg of Dreamland Visions Photography sent me the photos he took recently. I’d hired Scott because I knew his work, and that he has an unconventional eye. As much as I want to show all the pictures off, I’ll keep it to a… Read More More Wedding Photos