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Pottery and Willow

Nine years. Happy Anniversary, my beloved First Reader. You had no idea what you were getting, did you? At the end of a long drive, when we walked over the threshold of a little house in OH, I was only beginning to upend your life in so many ways.  It’s been a good time. Let’s… Read More Pottery and Willow

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Woodsmoke and Violets

There was a meme going ‘round on social media recently I shared, because I liked it. It described a person’s traits in evocative words and terms, asking ‘what fits you best?’ with header words like woodsmoke, ink, saltwater, and such-like. My First Reader looked at it and pointed out that most of the sections were… Read More Woodsmoke and Violets

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Musing on Gifts

I’ve been getting ready for a flying visit from friends, and as I was preparing the house for eyes other than family, and baking because my love language is ‘have you eaten? Here, have a cookie.’ I was also thinking about gifts, and their impact on our lives. It’s not easy to give meaningful gifts… Read More Musing on Gifts


Labor of Love

Two years ago today the First Reader and I stood together under a shade tree and pledged our vows to one another. The day after, we had a rowdy unorthodox celebration in the gardens before a convention, leaping a sword to signify broken ties to all others but one another, our hands linked as we… Read More Labor of Love

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Mother’s Day

It’s the day we celebrate motherhood. I am a mother myself, and I find that today I am remembering those first months of motherhood, before the birth, when I was trying my best to prepare as much as possible for what was coming. I couldn’t possibly prepare myself, but I tried, reading books, talking to… Read More Mother’s Day

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I’ve had a lifelong love of bookstores. Yesterday I had a small epiphany and realized that this love is still there, but it has changed… What triggered the thoughts about bookstores was sitting at a table chatting with passers-by about my books. I had paper copies of them arranged on the table in front of… Read More Bookstores