Continuing Education

I sometimes have to stop and explain to friends that I was raised without a television, and I really didn’t have much exposure to music, either, so while I can usually grasp a pop culture reference through context and exposure to memes… I often have never seen the source material. Had one of those moments… Read More Continuing Education


Cleverly Done

  So, to set the scene… myself, and three of my colleagues. All of us grown scientist types. Sitting around a big conference table duly socially distanced. Masked, gloved… ok, that last was because we were all working on a task together. Unusually, this was not a lab task. But you get the picture.  One… Read More Cleverly Done


Lady Sings the Blues

Not this lady. You don’t want to hear me singing, trust me. My highschool choir director clucked at me and informed me I was tone deaf – I spent years singing as a tenor, sometimes even taking baritone parts – because I was required to take choir. I can’t make music. I can listen to… Read More Lady Sings the Blues

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Old Lady Music

Yesterday morning, my son and I were hanging out while he was getting ready for school. I was playing music, as I find it helps him get moving in the morning. I usually try to pick happy up-tempo stuff, and to be honest it gets me moving, too. He was sitting at the breakfast bar,… Read More Old Lady Music

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Happy New Year!

Whoops! I looked up and realized it was late, and I hadn’t posted. Well, I was out late last night. Working, not celebrating, I’m afraid, although a party was involved. This morning I got out of bed, and then right back in it. I don’t do well on short sleep. Once I finally got up… Read More Happy New Year!