I’m not terribly good at birds.  Today I went on a birdwalk with other naturalists, and it was a lot of fun (plus being good exercise) because I was learning things the whole time. One of the things I already knew: I’m pants at identifying birds, especially when I can’t see them. Birdsong remains a… Read More Observations


Natural World

Is it Monday? No?   Oops. Well, that lasted a long time. Ah, well, I can try to blog daily but I can make no promises. Went for a walk yesterday, and another one today. They cut into my time but they are so rewarding in terms of filling my soul and slimming the body,… Read More Natural World

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Bug Safari

I finally found the time and inclination to do something at this house. After a year of living here (almost!) I got out the camera, macro lens, and went bug hunting.   

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All the Pockets

There was a conversation, and a side discussion cropped up, as they do, about my perennial joke that I am a hobbit. I’m short, and I have big feet for my stature.  I’m not kidding about the feet, the First Reader and I can share boots, as we wear the same size in shoes.  But… Read More All the Pockets


My idea of Fun

New place, new critters and plants. There’s people and conversations too, but the time to wander quietly was a welcome moment. Nothing to worry about, nothing tugging at my conscience to get done. Just me and whatever I can find. Pogonomyrmex rugosus, the Rough Harvester Ant, doing a bit of housekeeping before winter sets in.

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Inimitable Spider

Phiddipus audax, the Bold Jumping Spider, on a Prickly Pear pad. He was doing a threat display for me as I leaned in to take his portrait. The audacity of the wee beast! To take on a human thousands of times his size! You have to respect the unflagging courage of it.  It’s no wonder… Read More Inimitable Spider


Crow Poison

One of the plants I spotted blooming on my recent walk was a little white spring flower with grass-like leaves. I could tell as soon as I saw it that it was in the lily family, that it wasn’t Star of Bethlehem (a common invasive) and beyond that? I had to go look it up. … Read More Crow Poison



There are things in this world we must do. For me, that is a walk in the woods. I slowly go to pieces if I can’t get out there, preferably alone, and just… walk. I can feel the weight slipping off me, falling behind, and when I come out again I’m ready to face whatever… Read More Restoration