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A Gross of Forks

“Can you buy a gross of forks? If it were just the two of us, that would last us about five lifetimes. With the kids, it’ll be lucky if it lasts us five years.” We were standing in the kitchen looking in the silverware drawer, where there is indeed a dearth of forks. I’d found… Read More A Gross of Forks

childhood, parenting

Lego my Men

I’m blogging to you from the kitchen counter. I decided that it was better late than never, when it came to this post, so while I am keeping a half an eye on dinner, I’m writing this post on my tablet. We’re having pierogis and sloppy joes. Not, to my relief, sloppy joe sauce on… Read More Lego my Men

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Invincible, Immortal

  I’ve been contemplating mortality recently. We’re all immortal. Until we aren’t. My husband and I have talked about immortality – it’s sort of inevitable, given that I write science fiction and fantasy, and those are common tropes in the fiction we read. I also read science papers that deal with combating aging – finding… Read More Invincible, Immortal