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  • Embracing Nightmares

    Embracing Nightmares

    We recorded a session of the BroadCast today, which will air on Wednesday. Myself, the Lovely Miss Rita, and Alyssa Casto all sat down together to talk about wonderment, daydreams, and life. It was a great conversation. Like these things do, it sparked me into thinking about something long after we’d said farewell and gone…

  • Calculated Writing

    Calculated Writing

    and not the kind of writing you may be thinking of. I haven’t been writing non-fiction for… a while. I miss the deep dives into a research topic, and then pulling it together into a cohesive whole. On the other hand, the time to get stuck into a topic well enough to produce a cohesion,…

  • Evoke


    From the Latin ex-: out of, and vocare: to call out evocare, to call out of, to call from… I’ve been watching the conversation about art these last several weeks with interest. This is hardly the first time the art world has been set on it’s ears. I suspect that the Egyptian art community’s response…

  • Thin Bean Soup

    Thin Bean Soup

    This isn’t a recipe. It’s not even a serious post.  You know how to make thin bean soup? Well, first you roast the beans. Then you grind them. Then you drip hot water over ’em…  Coffee. I meant coffee.  I could do without it. I could! I don’t really want to, but if I had…

  • Joyful Outlook

    Joyful Outlook

    I’ve been making joy in my life, recently. I have always tried for this, and there’s been seasons it was a lot harder to do than others. This one? It’s pretty easy, to be honest. The sun is shining, as it is more days than not here in Texas. Sure, it’s hot out there, but…

  • Thank you friends

    Thank you friends

    I think I’ve probably said this before, but you know? Bears saying again.  I came across this quote from another author, one I don’t know, through the Passive Voice (who feels like a friend because I have read him so long, although I have rarely interacted with him directly, and honestly, that’s part of the…

  • The Game of Life

    The Game of Life

    The inspiration of my short prompt response this week. Makes an interesting thought exercise, does it not?

  • Suspense and Endurance

    Suspense and Endurance

      The passage of time is one of the strange phenomena we humans make up in our own minds. It is a measurable, verifiable event. We use the slow dance of atoms to gauge how time passes, in the modern era. Once, it was the dance of the planets and stars overhead that gave us…

  • Coping Skills

    Coping Skills

      I started reading a book the other day, on the recommendation of a dear friend. It’s not an easy read, for me. I have to stop sometimes and read something else, while I deal with the brain dumping chemicals… But I suppose I just started in the middle and ought to come back around…

  • Galling


      Now, there’s a word. Galling. I heard it spoken recently and it got me thinking. From the naturalist’s point of view, galls are a very interesting phenomenon. From the metaphoric point of view… well, galls are multivariate in origin. There is the initial cause, and then there is the reaction to that irritant, which…

  • Quotes On Liberty

    Quotes On Liberty

      Continuing with my reading of great thinkers through the ages, on the topics of liberty, freedom, and the innate rights of Man, I have been very much enjoying John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty.  Although some of his arguments and persuasions are more targeted to freedom of speech and thought in religious settings, they apply…

  • Paine on Rights

    Paine on Rights

      I have been reading Thomas Paine slowly over the tumult of the last few months in current events, and am struck again and again with how much history resonates. It’s nothing I didn’t already know. Still, it’s not something I thought of on a daily basis. The momentous events get lost in the noise…