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Choices for Readers

It’s a fresh bright shiny new week… so why do I feel like I’ve been dragged through a keyhole backwards? I’m facing a week of abnormal schedule, and heavy homework and… So what do I decide to do? Looks back at the words she’s written. Abuse the ellipsis, it seems. Seriously, though. I have two… Read More Choices for Readers

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A Papery Feel

Welcome! If you’re familiar with my blog, you already know this. I don’t self-promote often. While I do a weekly book review, and will often promo friend’s books, I usually let the sidebar links or the pages devoted to each series do the talking for me. I figure if you’re here more than once or… Read More A Papery Feel

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Sometime in the next month, a new piece of my work will come out. Only it won’t appear as Cedar Sanderson, author. The reason for this is that I’m trying a new genre, and to keep from confusing my readers who expect fairies, pixies, and ogres to pop out of the woodwork, or space ships… Read More Farmhand

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Read all about it

The era of the newsboy standing in the street attracting attention with his brazen cry is long gone, but the cultural memory that attached to those two words lingers. As does that of the ‘news’ which I will propose is equally past. At one time in my lifespan, I know and have watched the phenomenon,… Read More Read all about it