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Snow has Fallen!

My latest title, Snow in Her Eyes, is available for sale! The cover is a clickable link to buy (or borrow with Kindle Unlimited) Detective Amaya Lombard is a witch hunter and a damn good one. Hated by the magical because she works with cops, feared by cops because she works with magic, she walks… Read More Snow has Fallen!

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Nearly There

As I type this, I’m uploading the manuscript for Tanager’s Fledglings… It needs to be checked on various devices (during which process we will find typos, they are inevitable!) before it’s ready to launch. I’m also thinking I might tweak the blurb a bit. This is what I have, what do you all think? Jem… Read More Nearly There

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A Small Resolution

So my problem with Gotprint was resolved. Sort of. They never admitted they had done anything wrong. There was no apology, nor any attempt to help me get the materials I needed. Instead, several days after my initial contact with them, there was a bland and confusingly-worded email offering me a discount or free reprint.… Read More A Small Resolution

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A Fear Factor

I am amazed any new people dare attempt to break in at all. I mean, it seemed bad when I was trying to break in, but it’s extra-bad now. Don’t say the wrong thing. Don’t anger the wrong people. Don’t publish with the wrong publishers. Don’t question the bullshit that stinks right in front of… Read More A Fear Factor