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If you are interested in the publishing world, how it is changing, and what a popular, well-known author has to say about it, you must read this. All Changed, Changed Utterly I don’t know where all of this is going—which gives me something in common with everybody else in the world. The publishing landscape is… Read More Lawrence Block

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Emotional Artifacts

I get all metaphorical, and as snarky as I ever get, this morning over at Mad Genius Club. I’m the nice one, over there, but really… they are just special, aren’t they? Books are, as this article eloquently puts it, emotional artifacts. GigaOm: “What makes Amazon’s dispute with publishers different from a typical battle between… Read More Emotional Artifacts

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Writing Roundup

All right, I’m sitting here with a brain full of recipes and a novella to complete. You probably had enough of the recipes yesterday, and anyway, these I haven’t made yet. So I’m running around the blogosphere collecting quotes and articles I recommend to you as authors/inde publishers/ what-have-you. See you tomorrow! Dean Wesley Smith… Read More Writing Roundup


Amazon and Pricing

Good Morning! Yes, I’m going there again. Frankly, I didn’t want to, hadn’t planned to, and really, why am I? Well, because I spent a significant chunk of time last night explaining to two different people the realities of Amazon, and rather than have to repeat myself in the coming days, I’m doing this now.… Read More Amazon and Pricing

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It’s a Book

Trickster Noir has arrived early! You don’t mind, do you? Look, spiffy Amazon cover linky: and it is live at Barnes & Nobles if you prefer epub format. The print edition will be live later this week, I think, and it will show at at iBooks and Kobo sometime soon. The timing on those is… Read More It’s a Book

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I’m tired. It’s been a long week and it will be a long weekend. But here, have a post!  I go on at length over at Mad Genius Club about tenchical terms, and I want you to contribute, as well.

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Read all about it

The era of the newsboy standing in the street attracting attention with his brazen cry is long gone, but the cultural memory that attached to those two words lingers. As does that of the ‘news’ which I will propose is equally past. At one time in my lifespan, I know and have watched the phenomenon,… Read More Read all about it