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So Many Books

I was listening to a podcast at work, as I often do to occupy my mind while my fingers are busy with mindless tasks, and a line caught me ‘you can only read so many books in your life.’ The speaker then went on to recommend a documentary on Netflix. So instead of reading, you… Read More So Many Books

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Quitting Time

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote last week, at the Mad Genius Club. In it, I talked about how I’d learned to quit books. It’s not that I’m quitting reading, oh, no. What I did was learn how to put a bad book down instead of letting it suck part of my… Read More Quitting Time

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Broad Reading

I’ve talked on the blog and elsewhere many times about the importance of reading if you plan to become a good writer. I’m sure you can write without reading – well, knowing how to read seems to be a requirement, but reading other works is technically optional. Stephanie Souders wrote a wonderful essay about this… Read More Broad Reading

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It’s all Literature

From the Encyclopedia Brittanica: “Deriving from the Latin littera, “a letter of the alphabet,” literature is first and foremost humankind’s entire body of writing; after that it is the body of writing belonging to a given language or people; then it is individual pieces of writing.” It is only within that broad generalization that we see… Read More It’s all Literature