Cargoships, in Space

While I was at FantaSci I had a unique and very educational experience, and I wanted to take time to not only talk about all the writing sparks it threw off, but to thank Peter Gold. He had prepared a detailed presentation on the use of cargoships in the Honorverse (with references to the excellent… Read More Cargoships, in Space

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How Firm a Foundation

The house hunt continues. We’ve tweaked and expanded the radius of the search, which obviously yielded more results, but on the other hand it also brought us back to a conversation we’d had earlier in the search. What kind of foundation?  The important bits of a house are roof, walls, insulation, but without the foundation… Read More How Firm a Foundation

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Casting Doubts

Ha! whaur ye gaun, ye crowlin ferlie?  Your impudence protects you sairly;  I canna say but ye strunt rarely,  Owre gauze and lace;  Tho’, faith! I fear ye dine but sparely  On sic a place.  Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner,  Detested, shunn’d by saunt an’ sinner,  How daur ye set your fit upon her-  Sae fine a lady?  Gae somewhere else and seek your dinner  On some poor body. —Robert Burns… Read More Casting Doubts

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Now Departing…

From reality, naturally. Mirror-posted over at Mad Genius Club Do you need to research when writing a fantasy novel? Not only yes, but please, do! Far too many are written without any research at all, hinging on the author’s limited imagination and lavish dollops of magical interventions. First of all, resist the urge to use… Read More Now Departing…


Mixed Company

Good morning… it’s my day to post over at Mad Genius Club, and you will find my thoughts on old fashioned or misused idioms at Not For Mixed Company . I’m working this afternoon, iwth a weather eye on the storm that is supposed to come in. I’m actually half-hoping we do get snowed in, I… Read More Mixed Company