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Laboratory Instruments

I’m writing up a presentation which is intended to introduce and give an overview on the instruments we use in the analytical chemistry laboratory. What I’ve done is include the text below (the completed project is actually in poster format). If you see anything that doesn’t make sense, could you let me know in comments?… Read More Laboratory Instruments


Love of Learning

There are days where the love of learning isn’t quite enough to keep me enthusiastic about school, and I have to remember why I am doing this to myself. That stiffens the old upper lip and I keep marching on. But if you’re still curious and want to learn, here’s a link to a really… Read More Love of Learning


There was a delay

Yes, yes, this is slightly more than a mere delay. It was an interesting day. And then I was in class for eight hours. Which was more interesting toward the end while we were dissolving limestone in acid. I do have pictures, but until sometime tomorrow, I also have computer issues (ok, might be longer… Read More There was a delay


The End is Near

The end of the semester, that is. This week has been fraught with snow, on Monday, and sick, yesterday, and… once it’s over I have two days next week, then a full week after Thanksgiving, before entering Finals Week. Today I have the last microbiology wet lab at 8:00 am, and as I was prepping… Read More The End is Near

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Geeking At School

I’m going to do something a little different today. Those of you who read my blog regularly are now saying (I can hear you in my head!) how is this different from every other day? Well, this is one of those days where I let my inner geek/nerd/techie out to play. Someone shared a link… Read More Geeking At School