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I’ve got a headache, so I’m sharing a few rockets with you. What’s your favorite? All images rendered using MidJourney. Prompt was rocketship landing on busy spaceport, alien planet, ringed planet visible in sky, twin moons –chaos 100 –ar 2:3 –v 4

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New Release: The Violet Mouse

  It’s alive! The Violet Mouse is a story born out of conversations in molecular biology labs, and human nature, and, well…  You’ll see.  Sometimes the imagination of the reader is far better than anything I could write.  But you should start here, with The Violet Mouse.   

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  Jim knew he was somewhere beyond tired, ranging into exhaustion and the peculiar drunken twilight of sleep psychosis, but he was certain he would have remembered the camera. He stared down at it, right there in the center of his desk, for a long moment before turning carefully away, looking at the coffeepot instead.… Read More Snapshot

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  Yesterday was Science Fiction Day, according to the calendar in my lab. In honor of that, I wrote a bit of a story for my blog readers. Happy Science Fiction Day! May the horizons of humanity grow ever larger.  “…decommissioning.” The earbud hissed, then cut out. Jack was already rolling out of bed. He’d… Read More Decommissioned

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  Into the darkness a crack was growing molten potential of the planet’s heart grown, never hewn, from material composing the crust millenia passes metal crystalline seeds planted grew monstrous a crack, a light, a fierce heat into the planet they named hell  came Man who had never yet met his rival in all the… Read More Wonder