I had a gloriously geeky evening on Thursday. I’ve been taking the Master Naturalist class, so my Thursday evenings have been devoted to a lifelong fascination with the world around me. Lectures on botany, mycology, geology, and more… I’ve missed this kind of learning. So I showed up to the classroom where the class is… Read More Fascinations


Ask Questions

I find myself a little frustrated and annoyed today. I had been given a Christmas giftcard by my boss, for Amazon. My immediate thought was ‘I’ll buy a book!’ because it would enable me to spend a bit more on a book than I’d ordinarily spend on myself. These days, when I buy paper books,… Read More Ask Questions

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Sourdough Culture

Having written up the ‘how-to’ of starting a sourdough culture, and the beginnings of a recipe set for it, I was asked about the nature of the sourdough starter. What’s going on in that jar of oozing, smelling, wonderful stuff? How does it work? Is it safe? And why did we stop using sourdough except… Read More Sourdough Culture



After Drak recommended God in the Dock in response to yesterday’s post, I picked it up. It’s been a while since I read CS Lewis, and I knew I hadn’t read that collection of essays. I’m delighted I impulse bought this book. The essays are a broad collection, apologetics, yes, but it’s Lewis. He had… Read More Regressing

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Story Science

  Yesterday’s story – which ended with biochemically powered holographic displays – was inspired by real science.  “For foods, holograms made with nanoparticles have been proposed, but the tiny particles can generate reactive oxygen species, which might be harmful for people to eat. In a different approach, food scientists have molded edible holograms onto chocolate,… Read More Story Science

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  Now, there’s a word. Galling. I heard it spoken recently and it got me thinking. From the naturalist’s point of view, galls are a very interesting phenomenon. From the metaphoric point of view… well, galls are multivariate in origin. There is the initial cause, and then there is the reaction to that irritant, which… Read More Galling


Ready to Time Travel?

  A new mathematical model purports to show that time travel without paradox is possible.  As a writer, I’m looking at the article thinking… just how many ways could this go wrong?  “The range of mathematical processes we discovered show that time travel with free will is logically possible in our universe without any paradox.”