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Review: Twofer

Two reviews in one post! And from two very different books, at that. Elliott Kay’s Poor Man’s Fight is a space opera, with familiar themes that will resonate with many of my readers as they did with me. Tanner Malone, our hero, starts out as a highschool kid taking the Test which will determine the… Read More Review: Twofer

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Eat This While You Read That: Kal Spriggs

For this blog series I have done lasagna, Alfredo sauce (twice) but not, previously, spaghetti. Today is that day.  Kal Spriggs writes fun space opera, I reviewed his first one here, and recently has begun to produce epic fantasy as well. I was delighted to meet him in person this last LibertyCon, even if it… Read More Eat This While You Read That: Kal Spriggs