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Writing on the Go

I’m traveling this morning. Blogging is likely to be even more sporadic than usual for the next few days, but I intend to put stuff up here, even if it’s just photos of interesting stuff and snippets of what I’m writing. Warm-up words from the plane… I’m a writer. So? Write. It’s not that easy.… Read More Writing on the Go

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1911 Miles

As I was rolling along on the final leg of my Spring Break Trip, I was musing about what I’d been able to do this week. I set out Monday evening, and got home Friday at noon, having traveled 1911 miles in between. We joke about wanting portals we can step through and instantaneously travel… Read More 1911 Miles

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Elrod Falls

Early in our Tennessee trip, we had a day with nothing planned other than driving from the eastern side of the state to the middle of it. Someone mentioned waterfalls, and my ears perked up. I have wonderful memories as a child of visiting spectacular waterfalls in Oregon, probably Silver Falls, but the visual memories… Read More Elrod Falls

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Safely Home

I’m back! It was a long trip, coast to coast, with all the usual pains of travel, mixed with joys of seeing family, some of them after far too long apart. Pains of travel? I was scheduled to arrive last night at about 10:30 my time, which would have had us home and relaxing before… Read More Safely Home

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Planning Ahead

On Sunday, rather early in the morning, I leave on a big trip. Because I have multiple connecting flights, and a close to four-hour layover in a place where I’d love to leave the airport and do some sightseeing, but can’t due to the ever-damned security hassles, I don’t arrive at my destination until early… Read More Planning Ahead