Getting it Easy

One of the big drawbacks in having moved the blog to the new hosting is that I orphaned some 450 email  followers. However, if you want to get the blog delivered to your email every day (when I post, anyway!) then that’s pretty easy to set back up. If you look below the text of… Read More Getting it Easy


Cover And Blurb Clinic

I’ve submitted one of my covers for a much-needed critique. There are pearls of wisdom here, not only in the blog post, but in the comments, so keep reading to the very end.


Back at ASM

I took a two-week hiatus from my Amazing Stories Magazine posts while I was moving, but I’m back into the routine with an interview with Michael J Sullivan. He’d reached out to me after the short series of self-published author interviews I had conducted a while back, and as he is a hybrid author, I… Read More Back at ASM


The Dreaded M-Word

Crossposted from Amazing Stories:  A recent conversation about self and independent publishing led to me voicing my thoughts on what to do once the book is released. This will also hold true even for the traditionally published, as the publishers provide them with less and less support. We must be able to be businessmen, not… Read More The Dreaded M-Word



We’ve been asked how we are weathering all the snow, and we’re happy to say all is well. Starts are coming along nicely, the greenhouse is standing in spite of all the snow, and somewhere under the new snow, there are little green daffodil shoots! 

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The Other Blog

It occurs to me that when I comment or otherwise chime in on other’s blogs these days, there may be some confusion when you check me out and find a farm blog (or these days, slice of life family blog). I also write, and that blog is here: http://cedarwrites.wordpress.com. My name really is Cedar, that’s not… Read More The Other Blog