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  • Anthophilous


    Home from the con. Drained and need to recover, may do AAR later today or tomorrow. For now I’m holing up with soft music, the Day Job, and pretending there are no people.  Anthophilous: Attracted to flowers.

  • Odd Prompts: Cloud Dancing

    Odd Prompts: Cloud Dancing

    it’s Tuesday! Must be snippet o’ fiction day…  *** “C’mon, sleepyhead!” John was standing by the kitchen door, shrouded in darkness that far from the kerosene lamp they were relying on.  Bonnie lobbed a biscuit in his direction, and he caught it, laughing. “Let me finish my coffee?” She asked.  “There’s more in the thermos.…

  • Back Road Oklahoma

    Back Road Oklahoma

    I seem to have amused people today by talking about dating. I meant dating my husband, but evidently that’s not a done thing? I mean, I enjoy it. None of the pressure, all of the fun!  Of course, dating as middle-aged married couple isn’t exactly as boring as you might think. We really enjoyed our…

  • All thumbs

    Which isn’t quite accurate. When I type on my phone, it’s a thumb and an index finger, opposite hands. Why, you may ask, are you doing this on your phone? Quite simply, it’s the same concept as camera choice. The camera you have on hand is the best one to take the shot with. The…

  • A Spiral Seeded Thing

    A Spiral Seeded Thing

    A small link between Texas and Malta. Medicago orbicularis is a small member of the legume family, with a minute yellow bloom that may go unnoticed in the verges of your paths and roads.  The seedpods, on the other hand!  Our new home has a sadly neglected lawn and garden – which I will be…

  • AstroLizards


    Coming soon, the third coloring book and humor collaboration between Lawdog and I. This one will have three reptilian themed tales in total, along with over thirty illustrations. Just like The Ratel Saga, this will be available as an ebook as well as the paper version. Ebook comic-style will be available by the end of…

  • A little happier
  • It gets a little fuzzy

    It gets a little fuzzy

    The borders between home and sleeping-place are ill-defined and will be for a while. I’ll report in from home later today – Friday evening livestream! Catch me at 6 pm central from the front porch of Home. Last weekend I evidently messed up the settings and that brief video vanished into the aether, sorry about…

  • Analogy


    Over on the book of faces, I’d asked a simple question when I was stuck on the story yesterday. I wanted to play up Kevin’s ‘aw, shucks’ style of speaking with a playful analogy. I received so many great responses that I decided to preserve them for posterity!  I asked:  She took to it like……

  • Life is the Question

    Life is the Question

    And coffee is the answer.  I joke, but only half a joke. The First Reader this morning walked over to the coffee maker and made an interrogative noise. Too early for full wit, brevity would have to do. I looked over from my armchair, where I was waiting  for him to join me in our…

  • Remember the Alamo

    Remember the Alamo

    Written by the inimitable Lawdog 2200 hours, D-1, one hundred and seventy-seven years ago General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered that the artillery barrage which had fallen upon the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Bexar for twelve days be halted. As he suspected, the exhausted defenders soon fell into a deep sleep, for…

  • Blasters and Blades

    Blasters and Blades

    In the run-up to publishing the anthology, Blasters and Blades was kind enough to interview Christopher DiNote and Me (h/t Ted for correcting my pre-coffee grammar) about our stories, the anthology idea, and our personal backgrounds in SFF as well as military connections (mine: MiL brat, spouse of former infantryman. Chris: active duty USAF Col.…