All thumbs

Which isn’t quite accurate. When I type on my phone, it’s a thumb and an index finger, opposite hands. Why, you may ask, are you doing this on your phone? Quite simply, it’s the same concept as camera choice. The camera you have on hand is the best one to take the shot with. The… Read More All thumbs

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Coming soon, the third coloring book and humor collaboration between Lawdog and I. This one will have three reptilian themed tales in total, along with over thirty illustrations. Just like The Ratel Saga, this will be available as an ebook as well as the paper version. Ebook comic-style will be available by the end of… Read More AstroLizards


It gets a little fuzzy

The borders between home and sleeping-place are ill-defined and will be for a while. I’ll report in from home later today – Friday evening livestream! Catch me at 6 pm central from the front porch of Home. Last weekend I evidently messed up the settings and that brief video vanished into the aether, sorry about… Read More It gets a little fuzzy



Over on the book of faces, I’d asked a simple question when I was stuck on the story yesterday. I wanted to play up Kevin’s ‘aw, shucks’ style of speaking with a playful analogy. I received so many great responses that I decided to preserve them for posterity!  I asked:  She took to it like…… Read More Analogy

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Remember the Alamo

Written by the inimitable Lawdog 2200 hours, D-1, one hundred and seventy-seven years ago General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered that the artillery barrage which had fallen upon the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Bexar for twelve days be halted. As he suspected, the exhausted defenders soon fell into a deep sleep, for… Read More Remember the Alamo


Two Thumbs

Typing with my thumbs tends to devolve to a thumb and forefinger. Something about that works better than both thumbs. Dexterity? Motor control? Not really sure.  Regardless, I am working on my phone and this is an interesting exercise. I could pull out my tiny Bluetooth keyboard, but I am at work and, well, trying… Read More Two Thumbs


Odd Prompts: Chloe Snip

  A snippet from the next Groundskeeper story, and my prompt challenge for the week. I’m gearing up the writing – frankly, we need the income. It was never supposed to take six months to complete this move, and two households drains even a decent reserve. So there will be publications rolling out from Sanderley… Read More Odd Prompts: Chloe Snip